"Scott Johnson has been an incredible help to our company. He is trustworthy, knowledgeable on a wide variety of issues, and extremely thorough in his work. You always know that he is standing up for you and doing the right thing. We have appreciated his way of working with us, not just for us."


My practice is focused on helping clients make fully-informed decisions regarding the purchase, development and remediation of contaminated property. I help clients understand and manage the risks they may face as past, present, or future owners or operators of such property and make sure that parties responsible for the contamination assume their fair share of liability. I also work with clients to comply with other environmental and land use laws - from the Clean Water Act to SEPA to land segregation. In addition, I am a skilled real estate attorney who guides clients through all phases of property acquisition and development and ensures their rights as owners of real property are protected.

In providing legal services to my clients, I apply over 25 years of experience in advising high-level decision makers on a variety of legal and policy issues. My success stems from an ability to translate complex legal concepts into clear, usable information, and to offer my clients strategies for resolving difficult issues in a cost-effective manner. I am dedicated to my clients, attentive, responsible, and responsive. My overarching goal is to build long-lasting relationships with my clients so that I can provide legal services that are closely tailored to each client’s needs.

Experienced counsel

Strategic thinking

Creative solutions

Straightforward advice

Cost-effective results

Dedicated service